Strategia&Controllo offers to you the advantage of having a team of professionals of high methodological, technical and practical expertise acquired both nationally and internationally. The team shares the same working method that combines values, passion for their job, and result oriented approach.

The values shared by Strategia&Controllo professionals are:

Interessi del cliente

Our customer interests in the first place
This means always being honest
and objective in our evaluations.

Professional integrity
It means confidentiality and data privacy.


Approccio Top Management

Top management approach
Analysis, strategy and solutions to achieve the goal in the shortest
time and with maximum efficiency.

Soluzioni Alternative

Innovative solutions
We invest a lot of time and resources to have a constant update of the whole network. This enables us to provide cutting-edge solutions and methods.


Garantire il miglioramento delle performance


Ensure the improvement of the performance
Our work aims to find the best way to optimize and improve the customer performance and then maintain that over time.

Creare un ambiente di lavoro positivo ed efficiente


Create a positive work environment and efficient
This also means meritocratic approach, personal and professional development and collaboration. We believe in this and for this reason we also have coaches in our team.


Creare relazioni durature nel tempo


Create long-lasting relationships
Each of us perceive themselves as a partner of our customer company when dealing with helping achieve a goal. For this reason we always have an active interest in bringing in new knowledge, contacts, reports that may be of use in developing our customer own business.




We believe in people’s potential, in the ability of entrepreneurs to take on challenges and in the technologies supporting the analysis of complex situations and fast decisions.