Salotti di Management

“Salotti di Management” (Management Lounges) are informal gatherings for professionals from Strategia&Controllo and related realities. 

A way to get to know our company and activities and to share with us ideas, news and opinions on business management and business strategy issues. 

Innovation, digital transformation, trends, management, governance, finance, technology, strategy, communication, lean, performance are the topics of these meetings; but also, people, environment, sustainability, ethics, a team’s value, visions and relationships. These gatherings are designed to reach business professionals such as entrepreneurs, managers, and institutions. The intent is to bring to the participants’ attention the professionalism and particularly the positive synergies that can be activated by the correct combination of different skills, while at the same time providing a listening point for professionals to help calibrate the language to the company, thus bringing concrete solutions to meet competitive challenges.