Strategia&Controllo was founded in November 1999 to deal with a start-up project in the field of ICT technological innovation.

It was the first portal in Italy to manage an integrated communication and e-commerce system for a network of shopping centres. The two founding partners, Michele Reali and Alessandra Gruppi, put into practice expertise in information technology, process analysis, planning and control, and strategic marketing.

ut into practice expertise in information technology, process analysis, planning and control, and strategic marketing. 

Integrating skills with a strong vocation for business growth and innovation is what still characterises new business projects, reorganisations, generational transitions, and business crisis management. 

The company’s business model has always been devoted to the business network model, which makes it possible to tackle projects of different sizes by aggregating skills and professionalism on the single project. In fact, the company’s name at the time of incorporation was Net. Ex, from “network of expert”, to evoke the business model of the management consulting firm, where the current president and founding partner Alessandra Gruppi had had the opportunity to collaborate in Los Angeles (CA). 

In 2011 the company changed its name to Strategia&Controllo to make it easier to communicate its USP. “Strategy and Control” is the mantra that guides all of the team’s projects. The company’s belief is that the initial definition of the target and the simultaneous activation of a planning and control system to monitor implementation, acting systematically with corrective actions if results differ from those desired, and building the cultural background of organisational learning, is fundamental. 

Over time, the corporate structure expands: with the expertise in finance and M&A of partner Gianmarco Zanchetta; in 2020 with a strategic agreement in digital servitization with the authors of the Paradigmix patent, Dante Laudisa and Ferruccio Maccarini; in 2022 with the entry of three new partners into the share capital: CONSIDI, a leading consulting firm in Italy in the field of innovation and process efficiency; Forza Vendis, a consulting firm specialist in accelerating the results of distribution and sales networks through digital and Dante Laudisa, co-author and owner of the aforementioned patent, and manager with experience in multinational distribution and marketing strategies, particularly in the digital world. 

The last distinctive element is the constant search for synergies with a view to enhancing internal and external business resources. This has led to collaboration with important institutions in the field of innovation and technology transfer and the entry into the capital of the Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico with which Strategia&Controllo actively collaborates in various contamination initiatives and in particular in some projects for the promotion of digital culture and business innovation.