The process of digital change in the company must be led by key figures in the company, and the CFO is vested with this role as a digital coordinator given the central function of administration, finance, and management control in corporate life and its proximity to the entrepreneur or corporate management. The CFO is therefore required to reposition his or her role within the company to lead it in digital transformation, evolve competencies by acquiring new vertical and cross-functional skills from the original function. Digital disruption presents new opportunities to transform the CFO from a function confined to finance to a strategic business function, an active participant in the process of creating new business value with a forward-looking strategic vision. 

We want to assist in raising awareness of the new role of the CFO and help understand Industry 4.0 in terms of its impact on data, demonstrate the logic behind mapping operations, provide a model for organising and controlling data sources and business flows, and verify their reliability. 

Strategia&Controllo offers training and accompaniment courses for the creation of figures with CFO 4.0 skills.