Corporate and business governance

In today’s economic environment it is crucial that the organisation, the processes, and the human resources are aligned with corporate and individual performance targets. We work alongside the Entrepreneur and management to carry out a check-up of the organisational and functional set-up of the Company to highlight critical issues, identify possible improvements, and support change interventions, including through training and coaching services. 

In this area, Strategia&Controllo’s consulting services cover numerous aspects: 

  • analysis of consistency between strategy and organisation 
  • analysis of corporate governance structure and processes 
  • design and sizing of the organisational structure 
  • mapping of business and production decision-making processes and crosswise of organisational culture 
  • analysis of the corporate climate 
  • training to board members of unlisted companies (rights, obligations and responsibilities, procedures and regulations, strategic role, basic financial knowledge on budget and business plan, ethics, and anti-fraud principles of Model 231).