Enabling factors

The enabling factor for the use of Paradigmix is provided by the development of the so-called Industrial Internet of Things, i.e., the use of sensors and devices that, installed at the nerve points of the machinery and appropriately connected to the Web, allow remote and in real- time monitoring. 

In this scenario, manufactured machines are no longer sold, but remain the property of the manufacturer and are granted for use, upon a service fee, throughout their useful life. 

New machinery must have four synergistic attributes: 

  • Digital: the new produced machinery is natively “smart,” thanks to being connected to the network and coming from the Industry 4.0; 
  • Data-driven: the economic value of the produced machinery is amplified as a result of the digital data and information, generated by them over time; 
  • Service-Oriented: in the new emerging paradigm, networked machineries become platforms for the delivery of services and solutions, upon payment of a fee by the user; 
  • Risk-Managed: the industry must organise itself, to guard, like a financial intermediary, different types of risks (credit, operational, market and reputational) related to the produced machinery.