Servitization, innovation and digitalization

Since the establishment of the company in 1999, we have always been involved in digitization projects and in general in the introduction of new technologies capable of strengthening the competitive positioning of our clients, enhancing human capital by simplifying and streamlining processes. 

The theme of servitization, or rather digital servitization, is for us the natural outcome of the team’s expertise, both on strategic marketing, planning and finance, and on digitization to support the business. 

To complete the offer of services in a flanking logic from strategy to finance, in 2020 a strategic partnership agreement was signed with the team of Paradigmix, a patent to offer a model for risk and performance management of industrial assets under digital asset servitization, conceived with the aim of managing the integrity, performance, competitiveness, and environmental sustainability of service contracts. 

Aware of the importance of the matter for our industrial tissue, we are working on raising awareness about digital servitization and the importance of this new professional figure of the Servitization Manager on the website

Today, Strategia&Controllo includes 6 Innovation Managers and 4 Servitization Managers in its team. In particular, Alessandra Gruppi is the first CEPAS – Bureau Veritas certified Servitization Manager in Europe thanks to her collaboration as a business innovation expert in the Things+ project, led by Friuli Innovazione.

To discover the Things+ methodology CLICK HERE.