Catalog courses

The knowledge and expertise gained over the years have enabled us to develop and refine some courses that are original in content, current for the contingent needs of businesses and particularly effective in mode and timing. 

These catalogue courses are conducted online: 

Servitization Manager course 

Almost all of the professionals on the Strategia&Controllo team also work as trainers or coaches. In fact, regarding servitization, Alessandra Gruppi and Valeria Forzano are part of the faculty of MIB School of Management for the topics of strategic marketing (Gruppi) and soft skills (Forzano). 

Their knowledge and expertise on the topic have led to the refinement of pathways to raise awareness of potential candidates for Servitization Manager roles and/or to train interlocutors in finance.

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CFO 4.0 Course

The CFO of the near future must be able to promote strategic agility and change, not only through the production and reading of smart data, but also through a leadership role in the business evolution process. 

Thus, the role of the CFO 4.0 goes beyond accounting to become a “value creator” and partner of the Entrepreneur in enabling new business models related to digital transformation. With a data-centric approach and a change-focused mindset, the CFO brings 4.0 technologies into the AFC function and becomes a crucial figure in strategic business decisions.

To be prepared for the topic, we offer our ad hoc course: CFO 4.0 

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Digital Mindset Course

Shifting from a “product-oriented” to a “customer-oriented” mindset, coupled with the need to rationalise the opportunities arising from the innovation of the enabling technologies of the 4.0 revolution, requires great flexibility and open-mindedness. This could be especially challenging for those who are not part of the younger generation who are digital natives and less tied to the culture of ownership. 

Training and coaching activities to support mindset change are precisely geared toward accompanying people to change.   

It is a topic that Strategia&Controllo has been promoting for some time and has also codified in a number of introductory awareness training. 

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