Strategia&Controllo is a partner of KIC InnoEnergy for research, pre-selection , presentation of companies and any subsequent phase of consolidation and coaching of start-ups selected for the program proposed partnership.

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What is a KIC?

Europe today has an overall good level of research but it needs to unlock its innovative potential by creating new business opportunities and investments in education and training for a "visionary entrepreneurship".

Innovation needs a fertile soil in which to thrive and it is therefore essential to integrate the three elements of the "knowledge triangle": higher education, research and business . Only when the academy, research and business community are working together new ideas can be conceived and succesfully get to the market.

Nowadays in Europe this triangle is often fragmented.

KIC (the acronym that stands for Knowledge and Innovation Communities), under the aegis of the EIT (European Institute of Technology), in essence is a set of collaborative partnerships between universities, research centres, companies and other stakeholders that can play a key role in innovation and innovation models and take the lead to the creation of similar organisms.

The establishment of a new European incubator is among the main pillars of this ambitious goal.

This incubator provides entrepreneurs with value-added services to support them in overcoming the so-called ' Valley of Death' which is the phase that is among the collection of initial funding and the beginning of the revenues through the positive outcome of their commercial activities.


KIC InnoEnergy

KIC InnoEnergy as an SE (Societas Europea) focuses on sustainable energy and includes among its participants 8 private companies, 7 research institutes and 13 universities and specialized schools throughout Europe in the centres co-located in different sites and organized according to thematic and geographic competence:

• Benelux (Leuven, Eindhoven)
Smart building, smart cities
• Iberia (Barcelona, Lisbon)
Renewable Energy, wind, photovoltaics, energy from waves
• France (Grenoble - France)
Nuclear power and convergence with renewable energy
• Sweden (Uppsala and others)
Smart grids
• Poland (Krakow)
Clean coal technologies
• Germany (Karlsruhe , Stuttgart and others)

KIC innoenergy

Activities of business creation

KIC supports the development of innovative start-ups in the renewable energy through the examination, selection and funding of business services, the proposal of the company to a network of European investors through entry into the capital of company and the definition of a shared growth path .

The " Unique Selling Propositions" of KIC InnoEnergy :
•  Specialized in sustainable energy
• Top experts from industry, research, business or academia available to provide services to entrepreneurs
• European dimension: Single European incubator with six entry points
• Facilitates access to market providing first customer
• Access to capital through own KIC European Venture Capital Network
• Huge network linked to all stakeholders in the field of sustainable energy (KIC internal and external)
• Output oriented KIC business model reduces time to market and filters potentially successful ventures
• Educational programs to bridge cultural gaps between Research and Business

Some references to the corporate website and other initiatives:

Institutional website:
Business Booster Event (October 2014, Barcelona) :
Matchmaking Event (September 2014, Berlin):

For further information write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

KIC InnoEnergy also presents numerous opportunities for study through its Master School and PhD School covering the topics of energy.


Italian start-up GRAMMA Green Asset Management selected by KIC Innoenergy

Here below we quote the translation of an article that was published on (Association of producers, industry and services for renewable energy) and quoted on EIT and KIC Innoenergy websites:

After a period of due diligence which lasted a few months, KIC InnoEnergy, Società Europea dedicated to promoting innovation in Sustainable Energy, approved its first project in Italy and decided to support the activities of the start-up Gramma - Green Asset Management, integrated agro-energy solutions provider, based on the invention entitled “Effective Photovoltaic Greenhouse with high farming productivity“. This innovative greenhouse is the only one on the market today that allows installing c. 1 MWp per hectare of greenhouse built with agricultural producibility equal to that of normal non-solar greenhouses. Gramma has a track record of three years of agricultural experimentation and has tested its products in different climates ranging from the Mediterranean to northern Europe.

Gramma is a company that develops and markets agroenergetic solutions, based on the patented Effective PV Greenhouse, for a spectrum of clients ranging from pure renewable energy investors searching for higher financial returns to advanced agricultural producers looking to increase the profitability of their overall businesses (

The scounting, the finding, the contact, the verification of the needed pre-requistes to grant access to next selection steps and due diligence, the preparation work for the first round of selection meeting were carried out by Strategia&Controllo through their officers and partners in charge of the KIC Innoenergy initiative.



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