Ecomm Area

Strategia&Controllo Srl offers services at a special price for those who wish to use them remotely. 

Below you can find the list of services and costs offered. 

PPT presentation on various topics

  • Management Control 
  • Lean Accounting 
  • Generational Transition 
  • Balance sheet analysis 
  • Business startup 
  • Enterprise banking relationship

Articles and Papers 

  • The balance sheet: civil, tax, or management? 
  • The generational transition in business 

Video Webinar

  • 4.0…The transition from storytelling to storydoing 
  • Grants, Funding and other incentives to 4.0 projects 
  • Infect all human resources with “VIRUS 4.0” 
  • “Shredding and reassembling data” to monitor 4.0 strategies … While respecting privacy 
  • Technology and value: tools for deciding and governing 4.0 

Training courses 

  • Communicating in public 
  • Selling today 
  • LinkedIn, a business social network

Credit Passport Rating 

Competitor Analysis

Financial Economic Analysis