Skills development

Creating value by accompanying the development of People’s skills in the Company.

Nearly all of the professionals on the Strategia&Controllo team are also trainers and coaches in business and have knowledge and skills to work with active learning, e-learning, and e-mentoring methodologies. 

Some of us also collaborate as members of the faculty of MIB School of Management and are constantly in touch with the world of university research to draw on stimuli and/or new recruits to join the team.  

Training initiatives are designed based on the following drivers: 

  • People are a critical BUSINESS ASSET for competitive advantage; as such, they must be nurtured and retained. Training is a key tool to enhance this asset and at the same time to build loyalty to the company’s vision and mission 
  • Training is an INVESTMENT. Even in cases where the living cost of teaching is covered by funds outside the company (e.g., Interprofessional Funds, ESF, etc.) there is still the time of the people involved. Like any other investment, it is essential to measure the effectiveness of the investment itself. 
  • The effectiveness of training comes through the ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT of participants. Active learning methodologies and on-the-job training are key tools for designing effective training interventions. 

To meet these priorities as much as possible, Strategia&Controllo designs its training interventions by mixing different tools and using active involvement methodologies so that the participant himself is pro-active.