Accompaniment to efficiency

Create value by improving organizational performance at both the primary and auxiliary levels of activity.

We support companies in the redefinition and optimization of operational processes, reorganisation and implementation of management control systems, including through the selection of the most appropriate information systems. Analysis and reorganisation projects see our professionals involved and present directly to the client, working on the front line with management to improve business performance. We transfer our expertise to the organisation and accompany people to a new and different mode of operation. Strategia&Controllo supports companies through the following activities: 

  • process mapping 
  • organisational analysis
  • reorganisation and accompaniment 
  • strategic and management planning and control 
  • digitization of ERP, BI and CRM processes 
  • streamlining and introduction of Lean methodologies 
  • use of Agile methods and tools 
  • staff training on control systems.