Alessandra Gruppi

Business and Strategy Consultant

President of Strategia&Controllo

With a degree in Economics and Banking, an MBA in International Business, a Master’s Degree in Business Coaching and NLP, she deals with planning and strategic control, start-up and business coaching. She is a lecturer in strategic marketing at MIB School of Management and collaborates as a trainer with other business schools and institutions internationally. 

Servitization Manager certificate  #001 issued by Cepas Bureau Veritas certification Scheme SCH131.

Innovation Manager registered in the MISE list, Certification of managerial skills issued by RINA SERVICES S.p.A, certificate CCM-412/19 . 

She is Mentor of PID (Punti Impresa Digitali) – Digital Enterprise Points for the Chambers of Commerce of Italy, and Chairwoman and founding member of Strategia&Controllo Srl.