Accelerate Italy – Boston area

Accelerate Italy is a platform for entrepreneurs, sponsors, and experts to join a revolutionary program that will not only help start-ups internationalise in the U.S. market, but also enable mentors and partners to access a new market and build alliances to strengthen their businesses. 

The accelerator is for promising tech start-ups, with revenues already realised and the potential to scale internationally, interested in connecting with high-profile experts in the U.S. and Europe and eager to contribute to the global innovation ecosystem. 

The program provides a team of experienced Italian and American entrepreneurs with proven experience in the growth path of innovative start-ups, and provides access to a vast network of mentors, experts, corporate partners, technology experts, leading universities, angel investors, and venture capitalists. The entities involved will have the opportunity to experience an intense entrepreneurial experience, marked by the American approach, that will help them improve their business, gain early access to the market, and ultimately, have the opportunity to secure growth capital. 

Strategia&Controllo is a partner of the initiative in scouting and targeted accompaniment of initiatives. The contact person is Dante Laudisa Ambassador of Accelerate Italy.