Digitalization and sales performance management

As with operations, sales are revolutionised by technology.

To the traditional quantitative indicators (KPIs as quotes-offers-contracts) to measure the efficiency of the sales force as compared to the objectives (ex. volumes, turnover, margin, unpaid),  tools for tracking qualitative indicators have been also added(KAI focused on operations such as number and type of visits, number of calls made to customers and prospects, etc.).

An authentic revolution that by crossing big data (KPI + KAI) extracts information to affect performances as they occur, guiding economic results without undergoing them, allowing to establish behaviours and contents for predictive control over how the activity is carried out.

 The ForzaVendis methodology ensures authentic sales telemetry where successes are influenced by the “wall” that translates data into information for sellers who can make the right choices during the action, before it is concluded.

  • Data Science: extracting meaning data to make more targeted decisions
  • Listen to the “customer’s voice” to reshape the sales process
  • Offer strategic information to field staff and internal departments (back office) while the action takes place
  • Improve forecast accuracy by measuring quality parameters (KAI) focused on operations as well as performance
  • Understand, interpret and enhance the behaviour of B2B customers
  • Experiential training courses with measurement of static and dynamic competitive charge
  • Training and coaching.