Strengthening competitive identity in ESG perspective

Sustainability has become a non-negotiable for companies as the market and consumers increasingly demand transparency, accountability and a positive impact on society and the environment.

Through our consulting services, we help companies integrate sustainability into their overall vision, creating opportunities to stand out in the marketplace and attract a loyal and knowledgeable customer base. Clearly and effectively communicating their commitment to sustainability enables them to build an authentic reputation and increase consumer and investor confidence. Real attention to ESG issues is also a driver of financial success with lending institutions and investors.

Specifically, the path proposed by Strategy&Control is embodied in the following steps:

  1. Competitive Identity Analysis and Communication: we start with an in-depth analysis of the company’s competitive identity, understanding the values, strengths, and characteristics that differentiate it from competitors. This phase allows us to understand how ESG efforts are communicated and how the brand is positioned in the marketplace. We also explore online identity, key messages, marketing campaigns, and how stakeholders perceive the company and brand in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.
  2. Analysis of the Company’s Future Vision: we conduct a prospective analysis to understand the company’s future vision. We listen to the aspirations and strategic goals, focusing on the long-term commitment to sustainability, social impact, and good corporate governance. This phase helps us identify the opportunities and challenges the client will face in achieving its vision and how ESG principles can be a catalyst for its success.
  3. ESG assessment: we conduct an assessment of ESG performance by analyzing planned and implemented actions, environmental, social, and governance initiatives. We use recognized indicators and standards to measure your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Competitor Analysis: we compare the Client’s ESG initiatives with those of its direct competitors and industry leaders. This analysis allows us to identify distinctive strengths and opportunities to position itself as a leader in sustainability.
  5. Identification of Key Resources: we recognize corporate resources and competencies that can be leveraged to strengthen competitive identity from an ESG perspective. This step helps us develop sustainable strategies based on distinctive competencies and available resources, such as innovative technologies, staff skills, community relations, or responsible suppliers.
  6. Strategic Plan and Action Plan: we combine the results of the analyses to develop a customized strategic plan aligned with the new competitive identity, future vision, and ESG goals. This plan defines specific, measurable, achievable, and time-defined goals for your ESG empowerment journey. We include a detailed action plan with concrete actions, clear responsibilities and a roadmap for achieving them.