Case #1: generational transition

Main theme: generational transition 

Company ID card: manufacturing SME with 95% foreign sales and excellent economic and financial performance. The entrepreneur founded the company in the 1960s after experience in manufacturing. One of the sons has been working since finishing high school in the company in production and quality. Relationships with distributors are historical and based on years of trust and quality of products and service provided. The planning and management control system is basic. Overall, there are excellent opportunities for growth through a distinctive Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of quality and service. 

Requirement: gradually transfer general management to son and follow the strategic direction of the company.

Goal: codifying the entrepreneur’s experience and know-how, contractualize distribution relationships, introducing a planning and control system (with CRM-BI-ERP) that can support an acceleration of the business, training a management team that can interact in different ways with the new leadership, creating a marketing and communication team to support development, and compacting the team even in production with training on leadership and management issues to ensure controlled growth.

Activities performed  

  • initial analysis  
  • definition of project vision and key long-term milestones (5 years) 
  • introduction of a strategic planning and control system (BP, execution, BSC) 
  • training and coaching of key resources involved 
  • placement of a temporary manager for accompaniment. 

Project duration  

  • 5 years 


  • the company reacted compactly to the sudden departure of the entrepreneur by continuing with regularity 
  • his son is now chairman of the board of directors and serves as managing director 
  • the business has continued to grow steadily even in new markets.