Case #2: generational transition, growth by external lines, opening of capital

Main theme: generational transition, growth by external lines, capital opening. 

Company ID card: it’s a SME in the personal services sector with its own B2B and B2C retail networks. It was in a market situation of profound evolution with an opportunity to grow by external lines. The entrepreneur believed that he wanted to pursue the path of acquisitions and in parallel to exit from the first-person management of the business. The son was present in the company in production activities. No managers were present. 

Requirement: to assess the son’s effective ability to be the future leader while simultaneously addressing external market challenges and opportunities.  

Goal: codify the entrepreneur’s experience and know-how; introduce a planning and control system (with CRM-BI-ERP) that can support an acceleration of the business; assess the skills of the son and potential future internal management team; address the market and opportunities. 

Activities performed  

  • initial analysis with skills assessment of the son and potential management team 
  • training and coaching of key resources involved 
  • assessment of acquisition opportunities with initial external management of operations 
  • introduction of a temporary manager with general management function and support to the entrepreneur in strategic decisions 
  • after a period of growth, research and identification of an industrial partner. 

Project duration  

6 years 


  • the company grew by external lines  
  • capital has been opened to an industry partner 
  • a new management team oversees general management, R&D, and production 
  • the entrepreneur’s son has a role on the Board of Directors to guarantee the family’s entrepreneurial role and an operational role in production where his skills are best enhanced.