Case #3: generational transition

Main theme: generational transition.

Company ID card: manufacturing SME with 95% foreign sales. Critical business and financial elements are present. The entrepreneur who founded the company in the 1960s passes away suddenly, leaving business development and bid preparation activities completely uncovered. The children present in the company occupy operational positions. No managers are present. 

Requirement: to take urgent action to provide continuity for the business and check opportunities for revitalization. 

Goal: quickly enter the general and strategic direction of the company by building an organisational structure to give continuity to the business. 

Activities performed  

  • initial analysis  
  • placement of a temporary manager in the role of CEO and a temporary manager in the planning and management control function 
  • assessment of resources with construction of the new organisation. 

Project duration  

3 years 


  • the company continued the business 
  • capital was opened to some key partners previously active in the commercial development of the business 
  • a managerial figure was brought into the management of the business.