Case #13: start up and business plan

Main theme: start up and business plan 

Company ID card: entrepreneur with important technical knowledge in the target business initiative, but weak from the perspective of legal-administrative issues and in financial matters. 

Requirement: carefully assess the appropriateness of the business idea and prepare a business plan both for internal use and as a presentation tool for obtaining start-up financing.  

Goal: support in defining the business idea by assessing its technical and economic-financial feasibility; search for public grants for the start-up phase of the project and funding to support the initiative; draft the necessary documentation for the various funding opportunities and presentation to investors. 

Activities performed 

  • initial analysis with skills assessment of the entrepreneur and the identified team 
  • stimuli in the calibration of the business idea and on an expansion-modification of the dream team from start-up 
  • elaboration of a pitch 
  • elaboration of a business plan with a version suitable for the grant application 
  • comparison with the main reference competitors in reading the business model and economic and financial results 
  • support in the stages of company incorporation with accompaniment in meetings with the identified specialists 
  • support in the negotiation stages with potential partners 
  • networking for introducing the entrepreneur to other known entities. 

Project duration  

6 months, ongoing. 


  • the company was established and obtained the grant on start up  
  • incubated in a startup accelerator 
  • company product launch 
  • negotiations for the entry of investors are underway.