Case #12: reorganisation to support business growth

Main theme: reorganisation to support business growth. 

Company ID card: the company is a manufacturing SME grown by aggregation with companies in the general contractor sector. The company needs to review its organisation to respond to market business opportunities. Good economic-financial performance, tension on liquidity due to growth. 

Goal: to create a new managerial organisational structure.  

Activities performed 

  • initial analysis with climate analysis and organisational analysis 
  • identification of potential candidates for the role of key managers for growth and review of the organisational structure (organisational chart, job description, review of main processes involved) 
  • introduction of an evolved planning and control system (business plan, execution, BSC) 
  • creation of an HR office capable of supporting constant search-selection-evaluation activities and career paths 
  • coaching to new management 
  • accompaniment to growth. 

Project duration  

4 years 


  • the company has a management team to oversee key business functions 
  • is continuing to grow successfully.