Case #11: governance change, organisational model revision, and growth also by external lines

Main theme: governance change, organisational model revision and growth also by external lines. 

Company ID card: SME in the IT sector with medium/high size compared to competitors. A path of change in governance initiated with the exit of two partners and the entry of new partners previously operating in the company in the capital and on the Board of Directors. The new governance intends to build a path for the growth of the business that considers the strong changes that have taken place in recent years in the competitive reference scenario. The company has excellent economic – financial performance. 

Goal: continuously preserving the economic-financial performance by gradually changing the current divisional organisation into a matrix company capable of effectively and efficiently managing even larger orders and with an openness to the involvement of external partner suppliers in the area of technologies and processes. 

Activities performed 

  • climate and organisation analysis 
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition) analysis and brand positioning with current customers and target market 
  • in-depth analysis of market situation and competitors 
  • review of the organisational model with the introduction of new figures to oversee operations  
  • support for the handover of activities carried out by outgoing partners. 

Project duration  

12 months in progress 


  • a new planning and control system was introduced 
  • the new organisational structure was positively implemented without any staff exits.