Case #10: Efficiency and digitization

Main theme: Efficiency and digitization. 

Company ID card: manufacturing SME with production extended to a widespread network of artisans (supply chain) involved in the different process phases. The entrepreneur has long since delegated to his sons, who have initiated a brand repositioning with direct relationships with architects and in general end-customer, unmarking sales from the logic of distribution. Marketing actions (trade shows, web, social, PR) generate a lot of information with respect to potential leads but also to customer needs to be met with adequate and careful involvement of the supply chain.  The company is in economic-financial balance with decent margins. 

Requirement: “bring order” to the information and streamline the flow from lead generation to subsequent execution and delivery without having to resort to hiring new staff. 

Activities performed 

  • analysis of the eco-fin and organisational situation 
  • identification of an intervention approach in line with the company’s management style 
  • opening of a series of improvement worksites in the management and rationalisation of the different phases of the process 
  • accompaniment to the management of the worksites by involving the different operational subjects. 

Project duration  

12 months 


  • the company continued to grow in terms of both business and relationships 
  • one of the two sons acquired skills and familiarity in new planning and management control methodologies  
  • new software was introduced to digitise processes (CRM, BI, ERP).