Case #9: servitization

Main theme: servitization. 

Company ID card: SME manufacturer of industrial machinery. Economic-financial situation in balance. 

Requirement: to be supported in the definition and implementation of a service innovation strategy stimulated by the presence of a competitive market characterised by aggressive players in the quality/price comparison. 

Goal: to support the company in moving from an approach oriented to innovation and precision in product construction to an equally attentive attention to customer needs, with evolution of the business from just selling the machinery with ancillary services on demand (maintenance, training, etc.) to more evolved contractual forms that may also include extreme cases of pay per use. In addition, the company does not intend to resort to the opening of capital and does not have the possibility due to obvious structural dimensions to self-finance growth. Therefore, the evaluation of fintech strategies is also appropriate. 

Activities performed 

  • analysis of information on company, competitive environment and technologies  
  • evaluation of machines (smart ok!) 
  • service innovation workshop with concept generation of potential new offerings with a view to servitization 
  • identification of an initial target that is more oriented to the new offering and support in the selection of an opportunity and support in the development of the servitization contract  
  • setup of a risk and performance management system with external support (Paradigmix) 
  • organisational adjustment and information systems – ERP – introduction of rental modules – BI – CRM and connection to machines 
  • identification of insurance packages combined with the service 
  • identification of a business transformation project contact person with training (Servitization Manager) 
  • preparation of the market launch plan 
  • preparation of the plan for securitization of receivables. 

Project duration  

  • to date 6 months, ongoing  


  • the company has potentially overcome the main obstacles to launching the new strategy (culture, appropriate service contract, ways to self-finance growth) 
  • the distribution network is enthusiastic about the new offering and ready to be involved.