Case #8: annual budget and product cost

Main theme: annual budget and product cost 

Company ID card: medium-sized company operating in food processing. 

Requirement: the company has begun a process of integrating some previously outsourced production activities. This involves greater business complexity from an organisational perspective, but also a new cost structure of the marketed product. 

Goal: To quantify the economic and financial impact on the entire company structure in light of the new costs to be incurred for the insourcing of the activity and to determine what this has meant for the product cost structure. 

Activities performed 

  • accompaniment to the drafting of the annual budget 
  • in-depth study and analysis of the company structure, focusing in particular on the production function 
  • determination of cost centres and their monetary valorization 
  • monetary valorization of the product portfolio 
  • construction of a system of indicators and reporting capable of providing informational support for both short- and medium- to long-term decision-making. 

Project duration  

  • 12 months 


  • definition of the budget process 
  • modelling of the annual economic and financial budget on business needs. Tool issued to the company so that it can be annually compiled independently 
  • determination of cost centres and monetary quantification 
  • new product costs with revised business policy.