Case #7: support in the bank – enterprise relationship

Main theme: support in the bank – enterprise relationship 

Company ID card: the company operates in luxury retail. After facing the start-up phase and calibrating the company format independently with resources from the entrepreneur, it needed to face the traditional financial channel to deal with an “impasse” phase.  

Requirement: support in managing relations with the financial intermediary who required personal guarantees to provide a substantial loan. 

Goal: demonstrate the security of the business format to reduce the risk of uncertainty perceived by the lender. 

Activities performed 

  • drafting of the business plan for the company to understand the true nature of the business, the true business value, different from the perceived value 
  • projection of future economic and financial results based on transparent indicators with scenario analysis  
  • negotiation support with the banking intermediary to find a sustainable financial solution for the business that meets banking logic. 

Project duration  

  • 6 months 


  • the company was able to properly present itself to the banking sector with a business plan structured according to financial principles 
  • the company obtained financing quickly and with a guarantee consistent with the company’s riskiness.