Case #6: corporate number order

Main theme: order of corporate numbers. 

Company ID card: the company operates in the earthmoving industry. After reputational damage, it needed to reposition itself in relation to the banking sector. 

Requirement: systematise and organise the company’s economic and financial information and data. 

Goal: evaluate the introduction of new strategic business areas and their economic and financial impact with the current business. Presentation to the banking sector of the new organisational structure for obtaining functional corporate finance for growth.  

Activities performed 

  • business analysis aimed at understanding the scope of operations and business peculiarities compared to competitors 
  • drafting of the business plan to demonstrate business continuity with projection of the contribution and economic of the two new activities and assessment of financial requirements 
  • accompanying the company presentation to the banking sector 
  • structuring of the budgeting process 
  • release of management control tools aimed at internal reporting. 

Project duration  

  • 6 months 


  • the company quickly obtained the necessary funding for the project thanks to the correct representation of needs 
  • the dedicated management control tool is self-powered by the company, which is able to have an organic and constantly updated picture of the results achieved.